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There is immense demand for reliable, clean, and affordable energy across Africa, yet mini-grid energy generators struggle for sustainability. Gridless works with renewable, rural, mini-grid energy generators to monetize the full capacity of their output as a buyer of last resort, as well as serving as an anchor tenant for new energy generation creation.

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Bitcoin mining helps IPPs with minigrids become financially viable. Communities benefit with better grid stability, less expensive power, and more connections. We earn Bitcoin.

Electrification & Decentralization

Electrification & Decentralization

1. Push electrification to the edges: The case for minigrids
2. Decentralize the bitcoin network

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Types of energy
(hydro, geothermal, biomass)

Gridless OS

Gridless OS is a real time optimisation system that coordinates the operation of Bitcoin miners based upon the current operating parameters of a distributed mini-grid. The platform runs on a ruggedised edge server that is located within the container.

Site Monitoring & Alerting
Demand Response
Supply Optimization
Gridless OS


We are a Founding Member of GAMA

The Green Africa Mining Alliance (GAMA) was started in late 2022 by five renewable energy Bitcoin miners working across Africa as a vehicle to share knowledge, gather together as an industry, and assist new miners to get started on the continent. Africa Bitcoin Mining Summit • Blueprints • The Seed Program

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