Blueprint for a Locally Made Bitcoin Mining Container

Downloadable here are the blueprints for the Gridless “Kifaru” 20-foot Bitcoin mining container. We are making this available for others because we realized how expensive it can be to buy pre-built and specialized bitcoin mining containers and ship them to Africa. This is to help miners who are growing into their first deployment do so by using locally sourced materials, and taking the guesswork out of what is needed to build a container.

We should be clear that buying a bitcoin mining container from a specialized builder will likely be much better quality than building one on your own. These companies are experts at it and have access to some of the best materials and components, while building your own with local suppliers can be challenging and is a learning experience as well. Having said that, the savings on the cost of the unit, shipping, duties, and taxes can be immense.

“Kifaru” means “rhino” in Swahili. We embarked on building this 20-foot container since we have a mechanical engineering background and could source all items to build it, except for the PDU, in Kenya. A team of 3-4 people can build a Kifaru container in a few weeks, including all mechanical, electrical, and testing. Since the power cabinet deals with high amounts of electricity, we have that built by a local company that specializes in fabricating these, and we suggest that you do the same.